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" Capability is of little account without opportunity. "

- Napolean Bonaparte

Manufacturing Facility

The workshop facility at Sachin in Surat is spread over vast expanse of land in excess of 17000 Square Mtrs., with tarred road access on three sides thereby enabling loading of finished products on to transportation platforms. A scaled plot plan with work shop and other reserved locations for specific facilities for grit blasting and painting would be self-explanatory to convey the manufacturing flexibility of SDEPL.

Apart from concrete floored workshop area, the remaining open area is hard pitched for the easy movement of both crawler and tire mounted cranes thereby making the entire open yard suitable for carrying out fabrication works.

The eco-friendly approach of SDEPL is visible from the plantations already made around the periphery of the work shop boundary with appropriate irrigation system.

Fabrication Shop

Out of the 17000 Square Mtrs. factory plot, 3000 Square Mtrs. falls under the work shop building. Workshop consists of three bays, with EOT facility of 30T in each of the larger bays and electric mono rails for the smaller bay. There are two identical large bays with a length of 66m and a span of 18 meters. The smaller bay houses machining and other similar facility is with a length of 66 meters and a span of 8 meters. This area is also provided with mono rails and chain pulley blocks for ease of handling of components for manufacture.


Total Area – 17,000 Square Mtrs.
Shop Area (covered) - 3,000 Square Mtrs.
Blasting & painting – 1,100 Square Mtrs.
Office & Store (covered) – 300 Square Mtrs.
Open yard – 12,600 Square Mtrs.